KS2 Level thresholds 2008

After downloading the KS2 test paper, how do I mark my child’s work?   Recently updated !

You have probably given to your year 6 child a SAT test paper in maths,  English or science for them to try. To mark your child’s work download the mark schemes that accompany each test paper and mark their work against this  specific mark scheme. You will find the maths, English and Science mark schemes […]

KS2 Level thresholds 2008

KS2 Level thresholds 2008

KS2 Level thresholds 2008   Recently updated !

Used in collaboration with the 2008 SATs past papers, the KS2 level thresholds will help you determine the level that your child has achieved in Reading, Writing, Science and Maths.   PDF Version of the KS2 Level Thresholds 2008   KS2 Level thresholds 2008 English – Reading Level Mark range N 0-10 3 11-17 4 […]

Grammar KS2 test and KS2 SATs English Papers   Recently updated !

It is very important that your child gets familiar with the language of the Grammar KS2 test and the KS2 SATs English Papers in general before the real test. So feel free to use these KS2 Sats papers which are provided free of charge for your children’s educational needs. You will find below the following: […]

KS2 SATs English, Grammar, punctuation, spelling and Reading Past Papers