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When is the SATs week 2015 for the KS2 tests?- Useful SATs dates

2015 is now upon us and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very fruitful and happy 2015 year. What comes with 2015 are the KS2 SATs tests in Grammar, English and Maths which most children attending year 6 this year will be sitting in the UK towards the end of the […]

When is the 2015 KS2 SATs week- SATs dates

Changes to the 2014 ks2 sat tests

What’s new about the KS2 SATs 2014 tests? Changes for the ks2 maths test   Recently updated !

If your child is going to sit their KS2 Sats this year, you will probably be surprised to hear that some changes have occurred. Within the KS2 English SATs, the English grammar punctuation and spelling papers were introduced in 2013. The 2014 sats test will now see changes related to the duration of the English reading paper, […]

After downloading the KS2 test paper, how do I mark my child’s work?   Recently updated !

You have probably given to your year 6 child a SAT test paper in maths,  English or science for them to try. To mark your child’s work download the mark schemes that accompany each test paper and mark their work against this  specific mark scheme. You will find the maths, English and Science mark schemes […]

KS2 Level thresholds 2008

KS2 SATs English, Grammar, punctuation, spelling and Reading Past Papers

KS2 SATs revision books Part1:Revise and Shine – English book   Recently updated !

This book has been recommended by my son’s year 6 teacher and we bought the English and the Maths ones. I must say, I was truly impressed by them.   Each day’s work summarised on 2 pages The lesson for each day consists of a quick description of key features followed on the next page […]

How KS2 SATs revision books can help your child progress?   Recently updated !

Parents often look for the best ways of preparing their children for the KS2 SATs and curriculum. Many turn to KS2 SATs revision books to help their children succeed while other parents have their own personal ways. But what are the best ways of preparing kids for the KS2 tests and program? can KS2 SATs […]

KS2 SATs revision books

KS2 SATs Maths Past Papers

KS2 SATs Maths Papers

  We all know how important it is that our children get familiar with the KS2 SATs papers. By practising and trying the real papers out, they will feel more confident when it will be time to sit their actual KS2 tests. Below, you can download free of charge the following KS2 SATs maths papers: […]