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What’s new about the KS2 SATs 2014 tests? Changes for the ks2 maths test

If your child is going to sit their KS2 Sats this year, you will probably be surprised to hear that some changes have occurred.

Within the KS2 English SATs, the English grammar punctuation and spelling papers were introduced in 2013. The 2014 sats test will now see changes related to the duration of the English reading paper, the reintroduction of the science sampling and the great emphasis put on the level 6 papers in English and maths. But all of these changes will not, as a parent, directly affect you and the way that you get your child ready at home for their tests. The changes that will have the most impact are the ones related to maths.

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What are the 2011 KS2 SATs’ dates?

Many of us have children in primary schools and we are just wondering about the exact 2011 SATs’ dates. We don’t want to miss these key dates when our kid will need the most support from us. But before the dates, let’s just refer to the duration of each test that children will take.


The 2011 KS2 tests’ duration


  • Reading Comprehension: 60 minutes
  • Shorter Writing Task: 2o minutes
  • Longer Writing Task: 45 minutes
  • Spelling/Handwriting Test: No time limit set



  • Paper A – Calculator NOT allowed: 45 minutes
  • Paper B – Calculator allowed: 45 minutes
  • Mental Arithmetic Test: No time limit set


The 2011 KS2 tests’ dates

The KS2 SATs start straight after Easter holidays. These are the key dates:

  • English reading test: Monday 9 May 2011
  • English writing tests and spelling test: Tuesday 10 May 2011
  • Mental mathematics test and mathematics Test A: Wednesday 11 May 2011
  • Mathematics Test B: Thursday 12 May 2011
  • Science sampling tests (selected sample schools only): Friday 13 May 2011

For more information, feel free to visit the QCDA official website.

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Science SATs Papers KS2

KS2 SATs Science Past Papers


Taking a head start and being fully aware of the layout of the KS2 SATs papers in Science can be crucial to your child. Practising some Science SATs papers as often as possible will definitely help them succeed. So feel free to use the ones supplied here to you for free.


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2011 Science SATs papers


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