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TestKS2 is designed to provide high-quality information for parents of varied backgrounds and to help them support their children in the KS2 curriculum and KS2 tests. This online resource is available to you to make your life easier and to help you and your child as they get through their final year in primary school and take their KS2 Sat tests in Maths, English and Science.

What is KS2?

KS2 stands for Key Stage 2 and is the second phase of primary school in the UK. KS2 groups years 3, 4, 5 and 6 and children in KS2 are usually aged 7-11. The term Lower Key Stage 2 is used for years 3 and 4 while the term upper Key Stage 2 is used for years 5 and 6. Year 6, for instance, is the last year of the KS2 group and it is also the last year of primary school. In year 6 most children and especially the ones in public schools are required to sit their KS2 SATs. is the last year of the KS2 group and it is also the last year of primary school. In year 6 most children and especially the ones in public schools are required to sit their KS2 SATs.

 KS2 Resources

To help you better understand the KS2 Sats, the articles and checklists below will provide you with information on different aspects of the SATs which you might be unsure about.

Year 5 Checklist in Maths

This year 5 maths Cheklist will help your child be more confident before their SATS by knowing what they are going to be assessed on. Get it here for FREE

Year 6 Checklist in Maths

This year 6 Cheklist in maths focuses on the program covered in year 6. It includes all the key points on which your child will be assessed in their KS2 SAT papers in maths. Get it here for FREE

Useful Articles

KS2 Reading Books

How important are they?

Reading is an activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family. While your child can be captivated by a well-crafted book written by their favourite authors, they can also enjoy many other benefits linked to reading books. Reading fiction and non-fiction texts can enhance your child's vocabulary and help them improve their reading skills but also their literacy skills as a whole including writing, spelling and grammar skills. For an information guide on 16 different ways that KS2 reading books can benefit your child and their education, click here.

Range of Reviews of KS2 Reading Books

You will also find below links to a range of reviews that will help you choose the best KS2 reading books suitable to your child’s level. Some are for early readers or low achievers while others are appropriate for more advanced readers.

KS2 SATs Papers

As the KS2 SATs is the test that most year 6 children will have to sit, it is important for your child to have regular practice. The best practice will remain the one related to the official past sats papers since they are the ones that they will be assessed on at the end of their final year in primary school. The links below will, therefore, take you to many free KS2 SATs papers.

KS2 Level Thresholds

After your child has completed their SATs papers, if you wanted to know the National Curriculum level that they have reached based on the previous years past papers, you will find the KS2 level thresholds to be very useful. The links below will take you to:

What levels should my child be at?

The National Curriculum Levels are organised into 8 bands set by the government. They are used to determine how your child is progressing in comparison to most children of the same age living in the UK. Children in KS2 will generally receive levels ranging from levels 2 to 4. The levels are further divided into sub-levels A, B and C.

At the end of year 6 most children are expected to achieve a level 4 in maths, English and Science. If your year 6 child has achieved a level 5, his level is “beyond expectations”. If they have achieved a level 6, it is said to be of “exceptional” nature since only the top 1% of UK students achieve this level in year 6. For an explanation of the SATs levels, click here.

Further KS2 Resources

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