Year 5 Maths Checklist to check your child's progress

Measure your child's progress and check as they go along in their learning! They will soon be ready to tackle the KS2 SATs tests in maths.


TestKS2 was founded in 2011, a little around the time that I started my role as a KS2 examiner. I have been marking KS2 SATs papers for more than 5 years now. I am also a qualified maths teacher and my two areas of expertise are maths and French. I have taught both of these subjects in UK primary and secondary schools.

TestKS2 was carried out as part of a project that was initially to be included in my MA in Education. My son was at this time going through SATs in primary school and in 2011, it was very difficult for parents to find information on the SATs that their children were about to sit. Most of the vocabulary and language related to SATs such as SATs levels or SATs subjects for example were unknown to them.

I have always thought that parents’ involvement in their children’s education played an important role in their children’s success at school. I also think that people can be involved in something only if they can understand it. That’s why I have tried to answer on the website many questions that I was frequently asked.

Being a parent, I have also always found that children’s success is perceived when parents are proactive in helping their children. However, if resources are not made available to those parents, it becomes difficult for them to actively support their children. I knew that I would have liked to have access to past papers to really see how my son was doing, and what his difficulties were. This is how the idea of putting official past papers and other resources available to parents or pupils came about.

What can you find here?

Our Objectives is created to help parents who would like to have information related to the KS2 tests taken in primary school. It has been designed to meet the demand expressed by them. Our objectives are to:

  • Help you support your child in their KS2 tests
  • Provide Useful resources
  • Help you to get to know what is expected of your child at KS2 level
  • Help you to be more involved in their learning
  • Meet your needs for more information
  • Provide more practice to your child for their Key Stage 2 tests

We know there is some information available to you online, but not all of it is organised and easy to understand and to find as parents. Here we want to provide “easy to locate” resources and break everything down step by step in an easy to follow process. We also want you to contribute in the process by telling us what else you are looking for and cannot find.

This website also intends to provide guidance to parents as well as a place for sharing of ideas and experiences in order to support your children’s educational needs.

Your valued Feedback

Also, as our primary aim is to continually enhance our service to provide you with the most relevant information on the KS2 tests and curriculum, we have also made available for you a feedback page. This will help you give us your constructive criticism as well as ideas and ways that we can improve our service and respond appropriately to your needs.

We hope that, with your feedback and constructive comments, we improve more and more this platform to make it perfectly suited to your needs.

TestKS2 Team