Year 5 Maths Checklist to check your child's progress

Measure your child's progress and check as they go along in their learning! They will soon be ready to tackle the KS2 SATs tests in maths.

When is the SATs week 2015 for the KS2 tests?- Useful SATs dates

When is the 2015 KS2 SATs week- SATs dates

2015 is now upon us and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very fruitful and happy 2015 year.

What comes with 2015 are the KS2 SATs tests in Grammar, English and Maths which most children attending year 6 this year will be sitting in the UK towards the end of the year. So when is this special week and when are the specific SATs dates for each subject? This is the question that you are probably asking if your child attends year 6.

We hope that you will find these SATs dates useful and informative especially if you are planning extra revision sessions or if you are the kind of parent who likes to organise different aspects of your child’s studies before his/her SATs.

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KS2 Level thresholds 2014

Please find below the 2014 level threshold tables which you will find very useful to determine the potential level that your child may reach in Reading, Writing, Science and Maths. Please note that they must be used in collaboration with the specific Sats papers in maths, English and science that your child has tried.

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25 most popular KS2 SATs papers and revision guides – according to our readers

Looking to buy great KS2 resources to help you support your child as they revise for their KS2 test this year?

The KS2 SATs start in May and it is now one of the most pressing times of the year for most parents as they would desperately like to support their children the best that they can. You might want to get started with some revision.  

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KS2 Reading books: Coraline and The Graveyard Book by N. Gaiman

Neil Gaiman, one of the most talented British fiction writers

Neil Gaiman is one of the most talented British fiction writers of present times. His most famous books include ‘Coraline’, ‘The Graveyard Book’, ‘American Gods’, ‘Stardust’, ‘The Sandman’, etc. Due to his immense contribution in English literature, he received numerous awards such as ‘Nebula’, ‘Hugo’, and ‘Bram Stoker’ awards, and also the prestigious ‘Carnegie’ and ‘Newbery’ medals. Although he is particularly known for his adult fictions, his children’s stories are very special and quite honestly, incredible.

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