Year 5 Maths Checklist to check your child's progress

Measure your child's progress and check as they go along in their learning! They will soon be ready to tackle the KS2 SATs tests in maths.


 Please review the list of questions below for answers to common Test KS2 questions. If you have any other questions, we will be happy to respond to them as soon as possible.

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What does SATs stand for?

“SATs” is an acronym used in UK education and stands for Standard Assessment Tests


what subjects will my child take his ks2 SATs in?

Reading, writing, spelling, mental maths, maths and science.  The KS2 SATs in Science was discontinued in 2011. [Updates: The SATs tests in Science are to be re-introduced in June 2014 on a biennial basis and for only some selected schools]. You can download  our past SATs papers that you can use for educational purposes.


What year do primary school kids take their SATs exams in?

The SATS is designed to assess primary school pupils working between levels 3 and 5. So most primary school kids take their SATs towards the end of year 6 in the summer term. You’ll find the 2011 KS2 SATs dates here and the 2014 Sats dates can be found there.


What are the best revision books for ks2 SATs exams?

We have reviewed some characteristics of a good KS2 SATs revision book that you can use when choosing the next KS2 revision book for your child. A review of the Revise and Shine English book that we have personally used, is also provided. This year, our readers have also had some preferences as far as books are concerned and you will find an article here on the most popular 25 KS2 SATs papers and revision guides according to our readers.


What mark in the KS2 SATs equates to each level?

To work out the level that your child has achieved, different test KS2 level thresholds are used each year. The “SATs levels explained” article which also includes the KS2 level thresholds for 2010, will give you more information on how to determine the levels. You will also find that the KS2 level thresholds 2009, the KS2 level thresholds 2008 and the KS2 level thresholds 2007 are very useful for this purpose. The KS2 level thresholds 2013 are also available.


When do we get the 2011 SATs’ results?

The KS2 SATs results and marked tests scripts will be available to schools by Tuesday 5 July 2011. These results will be reported to parents after this date.


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