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KS2 Reading books: Horrid Henry Early Reader Set by F. Simon (2012)

The Popular British American author Francesca Simon

Horrid Henry series is the most amazing creation of the Popular British American author Francesca Simon. As one of the UK’s best-selling children’s writer, she has wonderfully portrayed the character of Horrid Henry, who is liked by children of all ages.

Francesca Simon received the prestigious ‘Children’s Book of the Year Award’ in 2008 for her book ‘Horrid Henry and the Abominable Snowman’.

A collection of 10 fantastic books

One of the most acclaimed Horrid Henry books at the moment is ‘Horrid Henry’s nightmare‘. However I would recommend the entire set as, once you read the first one, you’ll want them all! The amazing Horrid Henry Early Reader Set is a collection of 10 fantastic books featuring Horrid Henry.

The titles in this collection include ‘Horrid Henry’s Thank You Letter’, ‘Don’t Be Horrid, Henry!’, ‘Horrid Henry’s Rainy Day’, ‘Horrid Henry’s Car Journey’, ‘Horrid Henry’s Birthday Party’, ‘Moody Margaret’s School’, ‘Horrid Henry and the Football Fiend’, ‘Horrid Henry’s Nits’, ‘Horrid Henry’s Holiday’ and ‘Horrid Henry’s Author Visit’. This is one of the most satisfying sets of KS2 reading books.


How horrid is Henry?

Horrid Henry's nightmareHorrid Henry is said to be the naughtiest character in children’s literature. He is a boy of around 10-11 years, and well-known to everybody around him, including his parents and teachers, as a horrid boy. When choosing food, Henry always selects the most unhealthy types, like chips, chocolates, crisps, pizza, and sweets. He out and out rejects vegetables, despite the insistence of his parents to have vegetable at all times. He spends the majority of his time watching television and playing computer games.

As if that was not enough, he also spends all of his pocket money on comics and sweets. On top of all of that, he does not go to bed or get up in the morning at the appropriate time. He has only one ambition: to become “King Henry the Horrible” and rule the world. Most of the time, he tries to solve various kinds of problems in interesting ways, which often cause embarrassment for the people around him.



How perfect is Peter?

On the other hand, his younger brother, Perfect Peter, is sweet-natured, obedient, innocent, and respectful to other people. This is why Peter is liked by his parents very much. However, while reading these books about Horrid Henry and thinking about his character, children often find some similarities between him and themselves. This is one of the many reasons for the books’ immense popularity among children across the world.

For children who have just started to read, this Horrid Henry Collection can be an ideal start to get acquainted with story books. Your kids will simply love to read Horrid Henry, and will also get much amusement through the beautiful illustrations that are included in these books. If you are looking for the perfect stepping stone from picture books to bigger chapter books suitable for children of age 5+, these Horrid Henry books should be absolutely ideal. In addition to this, you can use this collection as a birthday gift that your children are guaranteed to like. You can also use these beautifully illustrated books as bedtime stories.


What do others say about Horrid Henry books

As mentioned by one of the readers of this book at Amazon:

“This book was a real page turner. I was hooked from beginning to end, a real emotional roller coaster. I have recommended it to several friends as it was well written and it was so easy to empathise with the two main characters. A great summer read!”

If you wish to find out more on the Horrid Henry collection and perhaps share his numerous adventures, feel free to click here.

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