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How important are the KS2 SATs?

The SATs tests have recently been the subject of many discussions. But how are these tests so important? By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of how SATs can be crucial for pupils, parents, teachers and schools.

Importance for children

The KS2 SATs are the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum Tests that your child takes when they reach year 6, the final year of primary school. They are very important for your child because their results usually reflect what your child has learned throughout their primary school years. They also help your child to pin point their areas of strengths and weaknesses.

Importance for parents

The KS2 SATs can also very useful to some parents who would like to have a brief overview of how well their child is doing. It is a way for parents to know if their child has has achieved the “expected level” and learnt what they were supposed to have learnt by the end of year 6. It can be helpful if you want to know where your child is positioned compared to the average results that are achieved by other children of the same age.

Importance for teachers and schools

The SATs results are also significant to many year 6 teachers. But as the SATs are designed to judge the level your child is working at, they have a crucial importance for the secondary school your child will be going to. After applying the marking level threshold, the exact level of each child will be determined in maths, English and Science.

These data gathered from the different levels achieved by your child will then follow them throughout their secondary school years. When your child reaches year 7, they will usually be placed in sets in English, Maths and Science. Each set group has students of the same level. The year 6 SATs’ results will be used to place your child in an appropriate set corresponding to their ability, ability judged by their SATs’ results.

Other tests are carried out in year 7 to re-evaluate these levels and determine whether your child has significantly improved. But it is usually rare that a child improves beyond what was expected of them.

The teacher’s assessment and your child’s KS2 SATs results are used to stream your child at secondary school. Therefore the SATs can be very important to parents who would like their children to be in a specific set from the start.

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