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KS2 Level thresholds 2013

Completing the test papers at home gives you an idea of what you might expect when your child sits their KS2 Sats test. Doing the papers in exam conditions will also give you some indications as to how they might perform on the real Sats’ day. However, to mark your child’s 2013 KS2 test papers the grade boundaries are needed and are to be used in collaboration with the specific test paper. Please find below the 2013 level threshold tables which you will find very useful to determine the potential level that your child may reach in Reading, Writing, Science and Maths.

KS2 Level thresholds 2013

 Level threshold tables for the level 3-5 tests

English – Reading

Level Mark range
N 0-10
3 11-18
4 19-35
5 36-50


English – Grammar, punctuation and spelling

Level Mark range
N 0-24
3 25-43
4 44-53
5 54-70



Level Mark range
N 0-14
2 15-17
3 18-44
4 45-78
5 79-100



Level threshold tables for the level 6 tests

English – Reading

Level 6 achieved? Mark range
No 0-21
yes 22-33


English – Grammar, punctuation and spelling

Level 6 achieved? Mark range
No 0-36
yes 37-50



Level 6 achieved? Mark range
No 0-32
yes 33-50


Source: Department for Education


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Jo says May 9, 2014

What is the threshold for writing as my child is not doing a writing test

    admin says May 11, 2014

    Since 2013, the SATs writing paper does not exist and has been replaced by the teacher assessment. Your child’s writing is therefore assessed throughout the year by their own teacher and they do not need to sit a sats paper at the end of their year 6 for the writing component. If you click on any of the thresholds before 2013, you will be able to see the threshold for the writing paper used in this specific year.

admin says May 11, 2014

Thank you for sharing this information with us and our readers. Very useful!

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