Year 5 Maths Checklist to check your child's progress

Measure your child's progress and check as they go along in their learning! They will soon be ready to tackle the KS2 SATs tests in maths.

KS2 Resources

Please find below in this section of the website links to KS2 teaching resources that you will find useful as your child is working towards sitting their KS2 SATs papers. You will also find some external links that we have found useful material and resources.

They should help your child learn what is covered in KS2, them revise and will also help them reinforce skills developed in those vital years. Home education resources are also included for children who are educated otherwise than at school.


KS2 Interactive Mental maths tests

FREE KS2 Mental Maths Mini-Course

This FREE mini-course allows your child to have access to official KS2 Mental Maths tests which are interactive and self-marked. By creating a free user account, they can do the test as many times that they want and their results are recorded in case they want to do the test again in the hope of improving their results.




The year 5 and 6 Checklists in Maths

These publications are of great importance when it comes to your Child’s SATs exams. You will know exactly what your child needs to revise and will be assessed on in their SATs in maths. You will also be able to tick the key maths objectives of each list as they progress in their learning.



ks2 sats maths

Key Stage 2 Maths papers

The official KS2 SATs papers in maths are invaluable resources for your child. By using them, they will know the format of the test and the kinds of questions that have been asked in previous years.



KS2 English Past papers

Key Stage 2 English, Grammar, Punctuation, spelling and Reading past papers

The Key Stage 2 English, grammar punctuation, spelling and reading past papers are also very useful since your child will have a precise idea of what to expect in their real end of year 6 test in those areas. Practising those areas will definitely give them a head start.


KS2 science


Key Stage 2 Science papers

The Key Stage 2 Science papers provide further practice in science and are especially useful if your child’s school is part of the cohort for Science.

External resources

Kick Start your French Pack: French Tuition Online offers this free pack to introduce primary school children to French. It includes an ABC Alphabet flash card pack, an video song of the French alphabet and interactive games with sound files that children can play online as well as tests that can be printed for students to do offline.  

TOP Marks Mental maths Challenge: This Speed Challenge helps your child answer mental maths questions against the clock. The questions are set to cover many areas of maths such as number, fractions and decimals, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, doubles and halves, measures and many more.  

TES KS2 English: The TES website offers a wealth of KS2 English resources that you can use with your child. You will find activities in drama, handwriting and presentation, narrative texts, non-fiction texts, phonics, poetry texts, sentence structure and punctuation, speaking and listening….etc. 

Amazon: Amazon is a great place to find a variety of affordable KS2 resources to help your child. You can find KS2 books, KS2 maths books and Sats papers and KS2 Science books, study guides and Science Sats papers. These are also available for English. You will also find that providing educational games, audio or videos to your child will also increase their general knowledge while improving their level in all the subjects taught at school.  

BBC Bitesize English: Another website for KS2 English resources is the BBC Bitesize. You will find many literacy activities ks2 that will help your child develop their reading, writing, spelling and grammar skills. Writing a letter or making sense of instructions are some of the different aspects that he or she will be able to improve on. 


Crickweb: Free interactive educational activities and classroom resources for teachers to use at school but parents and children can also use them at home.

BBC Bitesize Maths: This website covers numbers, handling data and shape, spaces and measures

Echalk: Mathematical and interactive activities for year 6 children.
BBC Bitesize Science: This website covers KS2 Science topics such as living things, life processes and materials so you will learn about energy, plants, animals, humans and much more. 

Count on: This website offers a variety of KS1 and KS2 games in maths that your child will enjoy playing while consolidating their skills.