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KS2 Reading books: Mog the Forgetful Cat by J. Kerr (2005)

Prominent German-born British writer Judith Kerr

Prominent German-born British writer Judith Kerr is also famous as an illustrator of children’s books. In the book “Mog the Forgetful Cat”, she has become quite successful in enthralling the kids through the beautiful story and its amazing illustrations.

As an out and out artist, she has depicted the picture of an adorable cat called ‘Mog’, who has the habit of forgetting everything. However, one day, her forgetfulness comes out as immensely beneficial as she somehow foils a burglar’s attempt.

Lovely gentle story

In this lovely gentle story, we can see that Mog is everyone’s favourite family cat, who always seems to be creating troubles. She stays with the Thomas family; with Mum, Dad, Debby, and Nicky. She startles Mrs Thomas and makes her drop the dinner halfway through cooking it. Sometimes she forgets that she has already taken her supper, and some other times she also forgets that she has a cap flap. She is also seen jumping out of trees to catch birds, forgetting that cats cannot fly. However, at the end of the story she becomes a hero.


A touch of British culture through the book

You can also get a touch of British culture through the book of Judith Kerr. In an surprising moment, we can see that the burglar is joining Mr. and Mrs. Thomas for a cup of tea and, at the same time, the policeman is taking notes. You will definitely be amused and charmed by the beautiful story-telling capability of the writer. Also, you will like your children shouting out ‘Bother that cat!’ with Mr. and Mrs. Thomas when Mog does something that is a nuisance, like sitting on a hat, or crushing the flowers in the window-box. Your kids will also be able to relate the appealing pictures of this book to their homely situations.



A writing style full of humour, simplicity, and warmth

The writing style of Judith Kerr is full of humour, simplicity, and warmth. She has the wonderful capability to engage children and make them spellbound while reading her books, especially this ‘Mog’ series. You can pick out  ‘Mog the Forgetful Cat’ for your child who will definitely love the short sentences and easy rhythm similar to a nursery rhyme. They will also be attracted to the beautiful pictures that are an integral part of this book. You will hardly find any book better than this for reading as a cosy bedtime story. Your child of age 3+ will thoroughly enjoy the story and will probably start to develop a reading habit in themselves. This book is also very suited for KS2 (9-11 year old children) lower achievers who will feel more and more confident while reading stories accessible to them. However, people of all ages can enjoy this book and it could also be a nice gift for your kids.


What do others say about Mog the Forgetful Cat?

One of the readers of this book commented in this way on Amazon:

“Some people call the Mog tales old-fashioned. Well, they have gentleness and warmth of feeling. They are some of the best of what was produced forty years ago. The appeal is still there because Judith Kerr’s stories are classics, beautifully written and drawn. I’m confident that children in another forty years will still be enjoying reading about Mog.”

This shows the ultimate appeal of this book. If you have liked Mog the Forgetful Cat, you will most probably be amazed by The Tiger who came to tea which is a best-seller by the same writer.

Click here if you would like to find out more on Mog the Morgetful Cat and here to discover more on The tiger who came to tea!




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