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KS2 SATs Levels Explained!

As you prepare your child for the test KS2 SATs, they have probably been working through many past SATs papers. But what SATs levels have they achieved?

I am sure that, after your child has completed their KS2 SATs papers, you would be happy to have some ideas on how well they have worked. This article will explain how SATs levels are set and help you determine the SATs levels that your child has just achieved. You will also find below the KS2 Level thresholds 2010 which which provides the grade boundaries for all the 2010 KS2 SATs papers.

How to determine your child’s SATs Levels?

The KS2 SATs tests are normally written against the programmes of study that year 6 children follow. To determine the SATs levels, the Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency (QCDA) [This role has now been transferred to the STA (Standards and Testing Agency)] uses level threshold tables corresponding to the KS2 SATs papers of this specific year.

The KS2 level thresholds allow you to change the total of the marks obtained by your child in their tests into National Curriculum levels. This helps you to work out the level that your child has achieved in each KS2 SATs test.

You’ll find below the KS2 level thresholds 2010 corresponding to the 2010 SATs tests in Reading, Writing, Overall English and Maths.


KS2 Level thresholds 2010

English – Reading

Level Mark range
N 0-10
3 11-17
4 18-30
5 31-50


English – Writing

Level Mark range
N 0-11
3 12-24
4 25-36
5 37-50


English – overall

Level Mark range
N 0-19
2 20-22
3 23-42
4 43-67
5 68-100

Click here to download the 2010 level thresholds

Source: Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency (QCDA)

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